Cloud Hosted Data Services

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Many users of local area mapping such as surface mines and construction projects need to organize and track data over time (temporal analysis). In addition, the need often exists to provide access to users who are in multiple physical locations. Reckon is GeoCue’s Amazon Web Services cloud hosted data management and delivery system. Service providers use Reckon to deliver context and volumetric results to their customers whereas owner-operators can use Reckon to directly manage their analytic results. Reckon provides multiple site management, temporal data (for example, see volume data by site and by date), pdf volume reports and volume data downloadable in Excel format for direct use in planning and financial systems.

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Reckon diagram

Information is only useful if it can be quickly and easily accessed. Maintaining multi-site image and volume data can be a taxing proposition, even with advanced IT equipment and a competent staff. With a rapid outsourcing to cloud-based services, companies are reluctant to take on new data management responsibilities. GeoCue’s Reckon solution has been tailor made to address both the storage and data access challenges. Hosted in Amazon Web Services for extreme reliability, Reckon provides a subscription fee, cloud hosted solution for volumetric results. Accessible via a simple web browser on a PC, tablet or smart phone, Reckon provides instant access to both current and historical volumetric data for everyone in your organization to whom you have granted permission. From synoptic viewing of an entire site to downloading volume reports in Excel or pdf format, Reckon provides a zero administration effort library of mine site topographic and volumetric data.